Friday, September 11, 2009

Parker and Kindergarten

He is really loving school and learning so much so fast. He has homework four nights a week that usually only takes about 15-20 minutes. Monday is a writing worksheet, practicing the letters of the week. Tuesday is a math worksheet that right now usually involves shapes and sorting. Wednesday night is read a book with the family and write down the title of the book and draw a picture to go along with it. Thursday night he has to use the lined paper and write his name and school id number a couple of times. Every night at dinner, Parker treats us to stories about his day and tries to spell all kinds of different words for us. And at bedtime tonight, while Mommy was reading the Little Warrior devotional, Parker started reading part of the prayer all by himself without any help. He got about ten words out!!!! Open house is coming up on September 21st and we are looking forward to going and having Parker show us around his room now that he knows where everything is and what everything is for.

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