Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Day In the Life

This morning started out about 45 minutes early as Wesley woke up screaming at 6am. He couldn't be comforted and then ran down the hallway out into the kitchen and banged on the refrigerator - he was thirsty! The screaming woke up Parker who came out into the living room to see what was happening. Neither one would or could go back to sleep.

After everyone got dressed and had breakfast we were out the door at 7:40 to take Parker to school. Today we "cheated" and drove down the street, parking on a nearby sidestreet, to walk him across to school. Then it was off to drop Wesley at daycare and made it to Daddy's church by 8am. Today was the district clergy meeting and Daddy's church was hosting it. Thankfully a couple in Daddy's church volunteered to be in charge of setting up the continental breakfast as well as the drinks and the lunch for today. So all we needed to do was set up the sound system, make some signs for the doors, put the communion table together, gather the hymnals and we were good to go by the time folks started showing up at 9am.

The clergy meeting ended about 12:30 and Mommy helped with some of the cleanup as Daddy had another meeting to attend for provisional elders/deacons. Then off to pickup Parker from school shortly after 2pm. Daddy went back to the church and Mommy and Parker came home to work and play respectively. Daddy met us at home at 4:30 so we could leave to get Wesley. Came home, made dinner, ate dinner and Daddy was back at church at 6:15 for Bible study. Mommy helped Parker with his homework and then the boys played outside for a while creating lovely chalk drawings that they erased with the hose before Mommy could get pictures!

After coming back inside, the boys were playing in the living room while Mommy was trying to work in the family room. And it got really, really quiet in the house, which is always a bad sign. Mommy discovered that Mr. Wesley had gotten into her purse, gotten ahold of her red lipstick and colored on himself and the nice tan microfiber couch. There were eleven spots on the couch!!!! Thank God for two layers of scotchguard and Woolite's Oxy Deep Clean Stain Remover. Because there is only one tiny spot left on the couch from all that mess! Whew!

After Daddy came home, it was time to pick up toys, get baths, get ready for bed, do prayers and our Little Warrior devotional with the boys. Thankfully they are asleep and we get a minute to catch our breath before going to bed and starting all over tomorrow.

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