Saturday, September 26, 2009


So no bowling score update today because bowling was cancelled. Only we didn't know that until we all showed up ready to go. We were even about fifteen minutes early so Parker could get in some extra practice today - they usually open up at 10:30am for the kids to practice before the league starts at 11:00am. We thought it was kind of funny that the parking lot was packed and there was a school bus outside - there are hardly any cars when we go to bowl on Saturdays. After walking in the door, there was barely any room to move because of all the people inside. Every lane was packed, every seat full at the tables behind the lanes and people standing beside.

We made our way up to the front desk where Daddy was told that the kids league had been cancelled for the day because of a tournament involving special needs kids. They had waited until 15 minutes before the league started though to make any calls to parents - there was a message on our machine when we got home. According to the bowling alley, the group showed up with way more people than had been planned. And while we sort of understand their predicament, they didn't have to deal with a heartbroken 5 year old who just wanted to bowl and couldn't understand why all these other people got to bowl when he didn't. Why wouldn't you just tell them you have a regular league going and only so many lanes available for special events?

To top if off, this would have been the last week that Parker was able to bowl with all the people on Saturdays because he starts t-ball next week. We had planned to have him pre-bowl each week for the rest of the season. But today's shoddy treatment coupled with some other problems we've encountered with the bowling alley are making us lean towards just pulling Parker out of bowling there altogether. We're not thrilled with the idea of giving them any more of our money. There's another bowling alley on the east side of town and we're going to check out what leagues they might have for little kids.

So we had a grumpy boy for much of the day. We ended up running some errands and eating lunch at Krystal before heading home to watch some football. At least that didn't disappoint! So glad that USF was able to beat FSU - go Bulls!!!!! And so glad that the UF was able to beat UK - go Gators!!!!!

Wesley update - he woke up feeling much much better today and no more fever. Apparently it was just some kind of 24 hour thing. For which we are very grateful!

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