Friday, September 25, 2009

Good News, Bad News

We'll do good news first and not make you wait!

The Good News - Parker came home with his first ever interim report from school and it was all "E"s and "S"s which are good and we especially loved the two comments Mrs. Robles put on there.

And then Parker also picked out a really cool toy from the treasure box today for his good behavior - a wooden gator! He had to dig through the treasure box to find all the pieces and he was so excited when he got home! Parker wants to paint it Gator orange and blue as soon as possible.

The Bad News - Wesley had to stay home from daycare today with Mommy because he was sick. Last night he was really clingy and crabby, especially after dinner. He was so exhausted that he fell asleep standing up in the bathtub and again while we were trying to get him dressed in his jammies. He woke up about 11:30pm crying and was burning up all over and also had a bright red rash on his cheeks. Some motrin and some juice and he finally fell back asleep. Wesley came to get us again about 3:30 in the am - this time he peed through his jammies and after a change of diaper and clothes was able to go back to sleep. He woke us up again at 6:15am and we ran him into the bathtub for him to throw up a little bit. So for Wesley today it was a lot of motrin and juice, the BRAT diet and lots of snuggle time and naps with Mommy.

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