Monday, September 21, 2009

Kindergarten Open House

Tonight was Parker's kindergarten open house at South Ocala Elementary. We started off in Mrs. Robles' classroom. Outside the door hanging up was some sentence work that each child had done during the day today - here is Parker's.....

Once we got inside the classroom, each child was to take their family to their table and read for them two little books that had been put together in class - one with alphabet names and the other with I can sentences. Parker read both very well.

Here's a better look at the books later.

This was some of Parker's artwork hanging up in the classroom. It was a mixed media self-portrait and the sentence above was "I can color."

This is one of Parker's favorite spots in the classroom - the listening center. He loves to put on the headphones and then follow the directions for whatever activity is in front of him.

This is the apple tree that Mrs. Robles uses for behavior. Everyone's apple starts off on green and the goal is to keep it on the tree in the green. Apples can drop into the yellow area or down into the red area depending on the behavior problems experienced. Everyday when we pick Parker up he is always quick to tell us that he was able to keep his apple on green.

After the classroom tour, we listened to Mrs. Robles' little speech and paid for Parker's class shirt. It's a cool design allowing each child to draw a little face picture of themselves and write their name below. Then each child's picture and name, along with Mrs. Robles', will be put on the shirt. What a cool souvenir from kindergarten! Parker's class color for the shirt is purple and the kids will wear these shirts on their four field trips during the year.

Then it was time to head off to the Media Center where we met Mrs. Fritz and looked through the Scholastic Book Fair. We let Parker pick one book and we also picked up one of the books off Mrs. Robles' wishlist for her classroom - Parker picked a National Geographic Snake book for the class. Here's the book that Parker picked out for himself.....

When all was said and done at school, we headed out to Five Guys for dinner to celebrate. Not just a great open house, but also this wonderful little piece of paper that had come home from school with Parker in his folder - a good behavior award!

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