Thursday, September 24, 2009

Catching Up

Busy, busy, busy.....that seems to be our motto these days. Usually we have stuff in the evenings every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. So when we get a chance to do things together it's really nice. That's why we make it a rule to at least eat dinner together as a family before someone has to head out. Add all of that stuff to a lack of home phone and internet for most of yesterday and today and you can understand the lack of blogging.

Parker continues to enjoy school. Wesley is still spending mornings in the two-year old classroom and should transition there full-time next week. Fundraisers and miscellaneous school stuff may break us soon though! :-) Last week it was Parker's class shirt and book fair. Next week, it's a coupon book drive and school pictures for Parker as well as a fundraiser for Wesley's daycare. Oh and this week, Mommy and Daddy also went to the parent volunteer meeting at South Ocala so we can go on field trips with Parker's class this year! Definitely looking forward to Uncle Donald's Farm!

Here's a few pictures from this week. Parker put all of his fish puzzles together and laid them out on his car/train mat.

Spelling things in the bathtub!

Homework time tonight. Usually we try to do homework before Wesley gets home, but if we need to do it later, than you have to involve Wesley in the process with a coloring book. Parker had to write two sentences tonight - one using "am' and one using "we." He picked - "I am a person" and "We can run."

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