Friday, October 30, 2009

BUMC Fall Festival

Wednesday we celebrated Halloween by heading down to Belleview for the Fall Festival. Last year the festival was carnival games mostly inside the Fellowship Hall. This year we added Trunk N Treat in the parking lot as well as a dunk tank on the lawn. And because of our partnership with Belleview Elementary School, they sent home fliers about the event to all of the kids at the school. Last year there were around 100 kids; this year our estimate is somewhere between 300-400 kids in attendance!!!! The line started forming for the Fellowship Hall games about 15 minutes early. Inside the youth group members ran a Mystery Box table (where kids had to identify items that they touched without seeing them), Fish Pond, Lollipop Wall, Ring Toss over soda bottles, Bean Bag Toss, and Duck Pond. We also had a clown ministry inside handing out balloon animals. Outside there were a few other games including putt-putt and Seek N Find in the hay. All of this stuff brought back great memories of our days at Seffner UMC as kids, back when Daddy's Grandmommy ran the Halloween Carnival for all the kids (the only thing missing was a Haunted House!) For Trunk N Treat we ended up with 18 cars decorated up with some very clever themes and decorations. And the line at the dunk tank stayed busy all night, with two of the youth leaders taking turns as well as some of the youth! Parker and Wesley had a blast wandering around, visiting with people, playing games and occasionally handing out candy at our van. We dressed up in Star Wars theme again - Princess Leia, Darth Vader (Daddy), Anakin Skywalker (Parker) and Yoda (Wesley) - and our van was pretty popular with the movie playing on the boys portable movie screens. Wesley managed to stay in costume for about an hour before pulling the whole thing off and handing it to Daddy! And instead of saying "Trick or Treat" as we walked around to the different cars, Parker insisted on saying "Trunk or Treat!"

Charles "Boo" Craven collects old military vehicles and showed up in an old ambulance!

Games Inside!

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