Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wesley's First Field Trip

So on the day that Wesley turned 23 months old (Wednesday), he got to attend his very first ever school field trip. And where did he go? You guessed it....the Druid Hills Pumpkin Patch. Lest you think that he would be bored, you must understand that Wesley ADORES the pumpkin patch and anytime he gets to spend there is great fun!

Storytime in the hay circle!!!! Wesley ended up sitting with Daddy because he was far more interested in going to the playground than sitting quietly.

Wesley checking out the pumpkins with Daddy and the head pumpkin man, Roy Baugher. Down to the wire and almost sold out!

Chasing the birds on the lawn!

We sent Wesley to pick out a tiny pumpkin and what he picked out was a winged gourd and tried to give it a ride in the wheelbarrow! Later though he finally picked a kid size souvenir.

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