Saturday, October 17, 2009

Busy, Fall Fun

First of all, today it actually felt like fall here! The temperature was a crisp 55 when we woke up and there was a breeze and everything! Later on today we shut off the air and opened up the doors and windows in the house....

Grandma Keller came to spend the day with us, arriving in time to head out for t-ball. Parker had a great game today. There were a few kids absent from each team which meant we had time for 3 innings in our hour of play today. Parker was able to get a hit each time he was up to bat without the tee and he played really well at first base.

Playing at first base.

A hit.....

and running for the base.

Fans in the stands.

Between t-ball and bowling, we spent time at the Pumpkin Patch. Not only was the place crawling with people buying, but the ROTC was out again because we had another entire semi of product to unload today!!!!! It was supposed to come next week, but there's a freeze coming in New Mexico so they shipped it out early. The barn reading circle was finished out today with some more picture cutouts in place.

We also decided to pick out our family pumpkin today. We picked up the carving utensils and the CARS pattern book at Hobby Lobby yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow Daddy and the boys can carve this big monster - the verigated one next to Parker - it was his choice!

We got to bowling just in time. Parker's first couple of games weren't kinda slow - 71 and 67. But in the third game he got two strikes in a row plus a 9 in the next frame! He finished up at 108 for the third game! Today was also the day he got measured for his new bowling ball which should be done at the end of the league - two more weeks to go.

For lunch we gave Parker three choices of his favorites in town: Krystal, Five Guys or Moe's. Parker picked Krystal. Which was interesting because Grandma can't stand Krystal! But she was a good sport for Parker's sake and even admitted it's not the same as it used to be years ago. Both boys chowed through their entire kids meal of corn dogs, fries, oreo cookies and Sprite.
Wesley fell asleep in the car and we laid him down in his bed - he slept for a couple of hours. Parker played happily inside and outside (since the doors were open). Eventually we left Daddy at home watching football while Mommy, Grandma and Parker went grocery shopping. After we got home and put it all away, Grandma took off for home. We watched some more football, had dinner and then took a nighttime walk down to the Pumpkin Patch to check out the action. Fun, fun, fun!

the boys played inside and outside showing off toys to Grandma. Eventually

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