Friday, October 16, 2009

Odds and Ends

Mommy's Trip - Mommy left late Sunday night for St. Petersburg for a retreat with her covenant group and got back just in time for the pumpkin unloading on Tuesday afternoon. Daddy did a great job juggling work and the boys while Mommy was away.

Tuesday - After pumpkins we took Parker to t-ball practice. They worked the boys hard on batting and also fielding the ball. Parker did really well at batting practice - he got hits on about half of the pitches he was thrown. And he was so proud of himself. He continued to fight hard on fielding the ball, joining the clump of players chasing the ball. One time he grabbed hold of it, only to have another child almost choke him trying to get the ball away!

Wednesday - After dinner, Mommy and the boys headed off to church for Night of Praise. When we came home, Parker still had his homework for the day - to read a book with the family and then write out the title on a sheet of paper and draw a picture. The book his teacher sent home was called "Sam Likes School." Parker read the entire thing by himself, sounding out a couple of the words he wasn't sure about. We were so proud of him!!!!

Thursday - A rare night home with nothing on the agenda. Nice!

Friday - Mommy and Daddy took the day off since we had been working on Monday. Saw the new movie Law Abiding Citizen and went to lunch. Then we picked up Parker, ran some errands, picked up Wesley and headed down to Belleview for dinner. Tonight the UMM sponsored a wonderful pork dinner - pork and rice with gravy, green beans with ham, bread, cole slaw, applesauce, drink and homemade desserts. It was really wonderful - you know it's great when Parker doesn't talk, inhales his food, and asks for stuff off of your plate too!

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