Monday, October 5, 2009

Family Update

Mommy - was selected for a new program called the Lead Women Pastor Project through the General Board of Higher Education. She has been given a couple of books to read and been paired with a mentor pastor in Kansas to discuss the readings and other issues.

Daddy - is excited about the two new members he will be taking into Druid Hills this coming Sunday. Things continue to go very well at the church. Oh, and he's sporting a new haircut today.......

Parker - was very excited when we picked him up from school today because he received another Good Kid Award for Behavior at school today. As a reward, we took him to Best Buy and let him pick out another game for the PS2 - Cars of course!

Wesley - is adjusting to school just fine. They are calling him the Little Professor because he has been just sitting back and observing everything in his new class. But when we picked him up this afternoon the teacher commented that for the first time today Wesley was starting to participate and follow the other children along in their activities.

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