Saturday, October 3, 2009

Long, Full, Fun Day

It started early this morning for Mommy heading down to Belleview for the annual church yard sale. All of our volunteers were hard at work and we had a great steady stream of customers. It was fun to be able to hang out with everyone for a while!

Then it was time to swing home and pickup all the guys and head out to Jervey Gantt Park for Parker's first t-ball game at 10am. No score kept but just watching the kids and cheering everyone on is so much fun!!!!!!! Parker needed the tee to bat during the first inning but got a hit off the pitch in the second inning. And he was all over the place trying to hustle and field the ball today!

The team has been named The Twins and their t-shirts and hats should arrive in the next couple of weeks. There are now 11 players, including 1 girl, on Parker's team. The team they played against today had 6 girls on it and wow can all of those girls hit!

After t-ball, we took Parker over to the bowling alley. Even though the others had already started, they set Parker up on another lane and let him bowl. He didn't do as well today (76, 78, 76) as he has in the past few weeks. The other boy has passed him in every stat now except high average. But he still had fun and that's what counts! Because of cancelling last week, they are going to extend the league out one more week than scheduled. And since next week's t-ball game is at 9am, he'll be able to bowl at his regular time.

Next we went as a family into Belleview to Lake Lillian for the 9 Mile Pond Festival. Lots of little craft and other vendors and lots of families out having fun!

Afterwards we stopped at Wendy's in Belleview and then came home to rest for a bit this afternoon. Dinner was spent at the Reid's house - members of Daddy's church. They invited the entire family over and we had a great time of fellowship over some wonderful chicken cacciatore. Plus Parker "fell" into their pool!!!! Fortunately our hosts were extremely understanding and eventually he and Wesley and Mr. Reid all ended up in the pool/hot tub with their clothes on and had a blast with the pool toys.

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