Saturday, October 10, 2009

Off to a Running Start

Our weekend is off to a running start and there is much, much more to do before the whole thing is over!!!!!

Friday was lots of fun, but also very tiring! Before we moved away one of our Faith church members had purchased concert tickets for an Australian Pink Floyd concern in October and invited us to attend. So yesterday we left here about 3pm and headed down to Hudson. Miss Leslie and Miss Rael graciously agreed to babysit the boys at their house. So we dropped them off and continued on down to Clearwater for dinner at Joe's Crab Shack, meeting up with Stacee, Errick, Skip, Patty and Jim. Dinner there is a loud, fun and crazy experience and all three couples ordered these steampots which made dinner even more messy and fun!

We just barely made it to the concert on time after dinner. The concert was absolutely fabulous. Last year when we saw Australian Pink Floyd they performed "The Wall" in its entirety. This time they did a best of Pink Floyd concert. Between the music, the lighting, the special effects and the big inflatable dancing kangaroo and pig at the end - Wow!

Afterwards we got a chance to really visit with our friends, talking until we were ushered out of the lobby and then standing around in the parking lot for a good long time. It was 11:45pm before we headed back to pick up the boys! We visited for just a bit with Miss Leslie and Miss Rael and loaded very sleepy boys back in the car for a trip home. We got home at 2:30am!

When we were explaining to Parker what we were doing on Friday night - us going to a concert, the boys getting babysat by Leslie and Rael - Parker looked very thoughtful and then asked a kind of oddball question: "So what's Pastor Howie going to do?" It took us a couple of minutes to figure out that Parker thought that we were going back to our old house and having Miss Leslie and Miss Rael come over to babysit like they had always done in the past. So we gently explained that the boys would be staying at Miss Leslie's house and then everything was fine. The boys had a blast in our absence, as we knew they would. They went swimming in the pool, had a special dinner of macaroni and pizza, got to read books, play with Boo the dog, watch a (new-to-them) movie Ratatouille, and get dessert! We're not sure who had the most fun though - our boys or their special ladies!

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