Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday Sports

Despite the four hours of sleep Mommy and Daddy got the night before, we were all up and at it early on Saturday as we made it to the t-ball field before 9am with snacks in hand for a hungry team (raisins, cheezits and juice boxes!). Parker's team looked so cute in their uniform shirts and hats!!!!

Parker did very well today. He was up to bat twice and got a hit without the tee both times. For the infield, he played third base. The coaches worked a lot with the kids today on breaking the pack mentality of everyone chasing the ball as well as introducing the concept of not running to base on a foul ball. Parker had a lot of work at third today chasing foul balls and returning them to the pitcher. You can tell the kids who have watched baseball on tv and the kids for whom baseball is a new concept. T-ball rules are that for a hit you only move one base and if you catch the ball on the infield you throw to first. Parker had trouble with this last part today because he knew what he was supposed to do from the major leagues. The kid at bat hit the ball to Parker and Parker picked it up. But instead of throwing to first base as coach is yelling for him to do, Parker threw home - because there was a kid headed home and Parker was going for the out!

After t-ball, we were headed to run a couple errands before bowling and noticed a bunch of people at Daddy's church. The men were out in the field setting up the pallets and wooden scenes for Pumpkin Patch - the pumpkins arrive on Tuesday afternoon! So we stopped by to visit and check everything out. Parker cannot wait for pumpkins to arrive and is so excited about unloading them. Mommy was explaining to one of the men about how Parker helped unload last year at Hudson and the man just smiled and said, "well of course he can help, we get lots of little pumpkins." They have no idea that last year Parker had his own unloading system going and was carting around twenty-pound plus pumpkins!!!!!

The red bard is the entrance to the storytelling area, and they put haybales all behind it in a circle.

They run a coloring sheet contest for the kids by age group and the pictures are posted here (protected by plastic) and judged at the end of the Patch.

We got to bowling today on time and Parker's team won all 3 games against their opponent! He and his partner did really great and Parker had scores of 97, 72 and 85. Parker also still leads in the boys high average stat. Wesley entertained himself today by chasing around a little girl his age and also dancing to the music, as seen below.

To finish up our day, we took both cars to Burger King for a car wash sponsored by the Belleview High School cross-country team - Mommy has three kids from the church youth group on the team. They did a great job and our vehicles look so much better! A few errands and then lunch and finally home about 3pm. We hustled the boys off to bed for a nap and they slept for 3.5 hours! Mommy and Daddy also snuck in naps as well.

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