Monday, November 23, 2009

Car Troubles

So over the weekend the Malibu decided to act up on us. When Mommy tried to turn it on to come home after church, it just refused to start. Thankfully there were still some folks in the parking lot and one of the youth leaders gave us a jump to get the Malibu going again. We had lunch with Daddy at Druid Hills and it started up fine afterwards to head home. But when we went out to run some errands about 6:30, the Malibu wouldn't start again!

Thankfully Daddy was in town when this happened (unlike the last time with the van) so he used the van to jump the Malibu on Monday morning. While Daddy stayed home with Wesley, Mommy headed out to Advance Auto Parts to get the battery checked. We thought that the current battery was still under warranty from there but could not find the receipt anywhere in the house. Fortunately though, the store here called the one back in Hudson and pulled up our information. Turns out the battery was the only problem and it was under warranty so twenty minutes later Mommy was able to leave with a new battery for free! That's the way to do car repairs!

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