Sunday, November 22, 2009

End of T-Ball Season and Light Up Ocala!

Saturday was the last t-ball game of this season. Parker played on field #4 against the team sponsored by Play it Again Sports. There were only 6 kids on that team against the 11 from Parker's team so for each inning all the kids on the opposing team got to bat twice!!

Parker played third base for the first inning and shortstop between 1st and 2nd for the second inning. And he got his two best hits of the season - one on the first pitch and the other on the second pitch -both line drives between first and second that went all the way to the fence!

After the game, the kids played around on the field, chasing each other and tackling the coaches until one of the moms came back with pizza. Then they had a little party and at the end each child received their trophies for their season of hard work!

T-ball spring season starts in February and we are hoping to get Parker back on the same team if possible!

We had planned to spend the afternoon at Light Up Ocala!, a kick-off Christmas event in downtown Ocala with games, food, crafts, parade, music and a lighting display. But when we got home, Wesley wasn't feeling too well. So we kind of laid low, watching football on TV. After dinner, Daddy stayed home with Wesley while Mommy took Parker to downtown for the lighting ceremony. We managed to find a place to park and made our way through all the people over to the town square. We actually sat on the edge of the platform where they were controlling all of the sound and caught the last act (a little Elvis impersonator singing Christmas carols) before the excitement began. The mayor and city council came out and led a countdown before hitting the big red button to start the display. And then came the fireworks!!!!!! And eventually all the trees around the square were turned on to show off their cool lights, including the 42 foot Christmas tree put up on the square just for this occasion. It was really awesome!

As we headed out of all the excitement, Parker and Mommy found this great little ice cream place and had a special treat. Parker got strawberry in a waffle cone and Mommy got something wonderfully gooey called "Bear Claw!"

And when we came home, we found Wesley all snuggled up with Daddy and sound asleep! So a good time was had by all!

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