Monday, November 16, 2009


So the winners of the Daredevil Award in our house this week are Wesley and Joe the cat! Did you ever think Joe the cat would qualify for a daredevil award? Well he did. Because he escaped the house today while we had the doors and windows open getting a breeze. And he spent at least 40 minutes out in the backyard by himself after we closed the doors....before we saw him snuggled up against the sliding glass door, eyes as big around as saucers, looking super pathetic and hoping we'd let him back in!

But Wesley is by far our biggest daredevil.

This climbing up on the bathroom counter with Bubby? That's tame stuff. Wesley learned how to scale the bunkbed last night. No he's not climbing the ladder anymore. He's crawling up onto the desk chair, onto the desk and then pulling himself up into the top bunk and flipping himself over into it! He did it at least five times while we were trying to get him to sleep last night. The desk chair now resides in another room at night time!

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