Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2 Year Checkup

Wesley went to the doctor's office on Monday for his two year well visit. We met the other doctor in the practice, Dr. Okonkwo, and were very impressed by him as well as the med student training with him.

Wesley weighed in at 32 pounds and measured out at 37 inches tall. Percentage wise he is in the 90th percentile for weight and off the chart for height - so they aren't concerned about his weight because he is so tall. And just for comparison, Parker at the same age was a full 2 inches shorter and weighed 6 pounds less!!!

Wesley did great at the checkup, letting the doctor and the intern check him out with no problems. He sat still and never made a whimper when the nurse stuck his finger for the iron check - until she squeezed and he saw the blood! And he only needed one shot (regular flu) and he didn't cry when he got it either! He has to go back in a month for the second part of his flu shot.

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