Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Birthday Boys

So Saturday afternoon was the special celebration for the birthday boys - Wesley and Daryl! We gathered at Grandmommy and Granddaddy's again and had Uncle Daniel's crew over again as well as Aunt Barbara, Grannie and Grandma. And one of the best presents of the day for Daddy was the chance to watch the big Gator game during dinner!

After dinner it was time for cake. Wesley was much more into the whole cake thing this year and in fact he picked out his cake all by himself from Grandmommy's book - a bear! He was very excited and kept saying "my cake!"

He also much more enjoyed opening the presents and insisted on doing it himself! He got lots of fun new things to play with and some great clothes too!

Lest you think that Wesley got better presents than Daddy, don't worry. Daddy got a hockey puck autographed by Vincent Lecavalier of the Lightning, a baseball autographed by BJ Upton of the Rays as well as a new Blu-ray movie and some gift cards and clothes!

Later on the cousins played some more outside and took the time for some inside games. Not sure which one this is, but pretty sure that they were making up their own rules as they went along!

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