Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Preparations

So how goes the Christmas preparations?
--- House decorated inside and out - check
--- DHUMC Advent breakfast - check
--- Open House hosted - check
--- Christmas letter written and cards sent - check
--- Christmas gifts purchased and wrapped - check
--- Christmas gifts sent home to Seffner already thanks to a traveling Granddaddy - chec
--- BUMC Nativity Drive thru - check
--- Christmas caroling (with BUMC 1x and DHUMC 2x)- check
--- BUMC Christmas Party - check
--- Christmas Eve and the 27th sermons written for BUMC - check
--- Christmas Eve and the 27th sermons written for DHUMC - check

Yesterday we embarked on another preparation for the holiday... haircuts for the guys. Daddy and Parker were no problem at their favorite barbershop, but Wesley outright refused to get in the chair. So Mommy tried to cut his hair last night while in the bathtub. And the result was less than what we'd hoped for. So tonight we took Wesley to Hair Cuttery and he cooperated and the result is so much better! Now he won't have to be humiliated as a grownup when he looks back at pictures of his Christmas when he was 2!

All that's left to do here is do some laundry, practice some sermons, pack a few clothes. After our Christmas Eve services tomorrow night (5&7pm for Mommy and 6pm for Daddy) we're headed out to Seffner to join family for a wonderful Christmas Day. And we hope you all have a wonderful and Merry Christmas as well!

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