Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Parker's Christmas Break

Day one of Parker's Christmas break was last Friday. He came to the office with Mommy and was a big helper. Mommy took him to his favorite restaurant for lunch - Wendy's! And he even went on a couple of shut-in visits to spread his Christmas cheer.

Monday was a little more exciting for him. He got to go with Mommy and Daddy to Crispers for lunch (where he became a Lettuce Head) and then to go see the movie Avatar in 3-D. That was his very first 3-D movie and he seemed excited by the whole concept and the visuals in the movie. And as a side note, Mommy and Daddy really enjoyed the movie too - it was great! After the movie we headed down the street to Central Florida Community College, where the Ocala Railroader Club was hosting a free holiday exhibit of all different kind of train layouts. Our boy would walk up to a train display, pick a train, and walk all the way around the exhibit repeatedly following the train's progress. A very nice gift to the community!

Today Parker went to work with Daddy. They spent the morning at church member Joe Ernst's house picking fruit. This was the second time Daddy had joined a group of church folks for orange picking - Joe has lots of trees and donates the fruit to charity. Parker had a blast and scurried up to the top of a 25 foot ladder with no fear so that he could toss the fruit down to Daddy to be put into the basket.

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