Friday, December 18, 2009

Nativity Drive Thru

Each year BUMC does a Christmas and an Easter Drive Thru. This December the Christmas Drive Thru is running from last night through tomorrow night. Our little family signed up as volunteers for last night and tonight. Wesley hung out in the nursery and Parker, Mommy and Daddy were assigned to scene 6 where the Wisemen visit young Jesus with his mother Mary. Mommy got to play Mary, Parker was young Jesus, and Daddy was one of the wisemen. Last night went really well and it turned out to be a rather fun experience being part of the drive thru. The fun started about 5:30pm when all of the cast and crew arrived to have dinner in the Fellowship Hall. Then after dinner we got dressed up in our costumes and headed out to the front lawn to get into our places. The scene next to us had a lot of teenagers dressed up as the shepherds and two live goats out with them. Unfortunately one of the goats had to make an early exit because she kept slipping out of her harness!

Today the weather was rainy off and on all day. We hoped to be able to put the Drive Thru on and everyone showed up to eat. But halfway thru dinner the rain set in and got the sets all wet. And while the rain did stop, the wind was picking up and the forecast for more rain was not good. So we had to call it a night. Parker was a little sad because we aren't signed up to work tomorrow night's drive-thru. But we're already looking forward to the Easter Drive-Thru at Belleview and Druid Hills puts on an Easter Tableau.

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