Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Parties

Last night was the Birthday Party for Jesus at BUMC. It was a pajama party and both both boys dressed up in their jammies - although Wesley seemed a little confused about going to church in his jammies! The kids got to hear the Christmas story, watch a Veggie Tales movie and eat all kinds of holiday goodies. Parker got a goodie bag from his Kids' Club teachers and his favorite thing was not the candy, but the Christmas cup he received.

Today Parker had a half day at school and basically the whole morning was just one big Christmas celebration. His class had pizza for lunch and he brought home a handmade Christmas stocking full of goodies from his teacher and some of his friends.

While Parker was at school and Daddy was at work, Mommy spent part of the morning with Wesley at his school at his Christmas party. She got to help setout all the plates and drinks for the kids, then snack with Wesley, sing Christmas songs, make a Christmas wreath with him and watch him with Santa. He got closer to Santa today, but still would not sit on his lap. It was a really nice change to spend time in his classroom and with some of the other parents.

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