Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Visiting the Mouse

So tonight we visited the mouse....not Mickey but Chuck E. Cheese. Parker came home with a great big sticker on his shirt from school for ten free tokens if we went tonight because it was school fundraiser evening. So off we went at 4:00pm to let the boys play and have some fun before heading out to our evening activities. This was our very first venture out to the mouse as a family because when we lived in Hudson the closest one was 40 minutes away. Chuck E. Cheese looks nothing like Mommy and Daddy remember from our days as kids in Brandon, but there were a lot of games/rides for different skill levels and the boys seemed to have a lot of fun. Except when you put Wesley in one of those cars that rock back and forth - that elicited tears and screams. He's fine in them until you turn them on! But Wesley did find a game called the Dog Pound that he was good at. Daddy enjoyed basketball, Mommy enjoyed skeeball and Parker enjoyed air hockey and just about everything else he tried! After 90 minutes and a bit of pizza we had to leave to get to Kids Club. But we will be back because we only ended up using about half of our tokens and bringing home the extras plus a receipt for the 75 tickets we earned.

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