Thursday, December 10, 2009


Parker - He received his midterm progress report for the second nine weeks of school. He received two "S"s for academics in Music and Art and six "E"s for Language Arts, Math, PE, Reading, Science and Social Studies. And his behavior grades were seven "E"s and one "S". He received two comments: "Consistently good worker" for reading and an overall "Good work!" We are very proud of how well he has adapted to school and how well Parker is applying himself there. The homework continues to get more complicated. Tonight's homework involved writing a paragraph (3 sentences) about his favorite food. This is what he wrote: "My favorite food is cheese pizza. I like to eat it at Chuck E. Cheese. We eat pizza for dinner time."

Wesley - The little guy continues to keep us on our toes as he climbs everything in sight. Nothing gets in his way. For example, yesterday morning he decided he wanted a cough drop, because Wesley thinks they are candy. We keep the cough drops on the top shelf of the closet inside the boys' bathroom. Wesley brought a chair from the dining room into the bathroom, crawled up on top of it and used it as leverage to get on a shelf and reach up to the cough drops. And he didn't just get one - he picked out one for himself and also one to share with his Bubby. Wesley's language skills are continuing to improve a lot as he practices chattering constantly, putting sentences together, trying to understand the name for everything and asking "Why? all the time.

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