Saturday, January 23, 2010

Busy. Busy

Our Saturday was busy. First Daddy had a funeral at 10am in the morning at his church. Then Mommy had a funeral at 1pm at a funeral home in Belleview. So the kids got to stay home and play and we just switched out the parents, back and forth. In the afternoon Parker was glued to the Wii, while Mommy and Wesley napped and Daddy organized our cd collection with some more discgears.

And for the evening, we ended up at the BUMC Visual Arts Dinner Theater. We had baked ziti for dinner with cheesecake for dessert and then watched all three of the kids' visual arts groups (Mini Messengers, Spirit Steps, I Dance For God) plus the puppet team perform. They did a great job!!!! Mr. Parker sat in the center section with his friend Thomas, sans parents, to watch the performance and the adults around them said they were very well-behaved and mesmerized by the performances. Mr. Wesley enjoyed all the music immensely and danced away in the aisle, on the pew and on Mommy and Daddy's lap while watching what was happening up front.

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