Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catching Up

So this week has been one of catching up on things around the house. Sunday night, Mommy spent a couple of hours cleaning out the boys' room from top to bottom. That includes the scary places underneath the bed and the dresser and in the corners of the closet!!!! It also included sorting through all the clothes in the closet and all of the clothes in the dresser and pulling out an entire laundry basket worth of clothes that no longer fit Wesley.

Monday and Tuesday night, Mommy and Daddy spent time after the boys went to bed cleaning out their toy room. We got rid of another laundry basket worth of toys in order to make room for the Christmas presents. And this was the big sort - the kind where you count the puzzle pieces, make sure all the pieces are in the board games, put all the CARS characters back in their case in the right spot, sort all the train pieces back into the right drawers...... you get the picture!

Last night and tonight, Mommy finally was able to undecorate the house from Christmas and packed everything away into boxes. We still haven't gotten all of the boxes back into their right spot in the garage, but we have a little extra space in the garage right now anyway. The van wouldn't run on Tuesday - it would start, then squeal loudly and shut itself off. So we had it towed on Wednesday to the repair shop. Today we found out that it the problem is something called a "cam shaft synchronizer" and a "cam shaft sensor." Together the parts are only about $100, but it's a very labor intensive job (another $300). We just feel fortunate that we don't have to have the transmission rebuilt again!

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