Friday, January 8, 2010

Freezing Frosty Festival

We've been on our own as a family again since Wednesday evening when Daddy and Wesley drove Miss Rael to Bushnell to meet up with her mom. The little guy has been walking around the house asking "Where's Raaaaaael?" every couple of hours since then. The boys definitely miss their "big sister."

Tonight was Mr. Parker's school Frosty Festival at Brick City Adventure Park by our house. This winter carnival was rained out from its original December date. Who knew that they would pick one of the coldest nights for the reschedule? The big draw tonight was supposed to be "real snow", which Parker realized was just ice, but snow is actually in the forecast for us for overnight!!!!!

We dressed up warmly and walked from the house to the park (halfway between the house and the school) and both of the boys enjoyed the "snow" and the games. The favorite games were basketball, the "frosty pitch" and skee ball.

The Reindeer Toss

The Penguin Push

The Inflatable Obstacle Course

Basketball Toss - Parker got five baskets!

Frosty Pitch - Parker got three snowmen!

Skee Ball - Wesley tried throwing and then they let him move up closer. So he decided just to walk the ball up and throw it in the 10 slot!

Parker on the Ice Slide

Wesley on the Ice Slide

Mommy on the Ice Slide

The Snow Patch

The boys won coupons for free dinners at Chili's at one the football toss both (with Miss Kelly!) so after the Festival we headed over there for dinner. With a full belly and the heater going in the car, this was Wesley when we got home!

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