Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tuesday Tidings

Our time with a teenager in the house continued on Tuesday. After getting the boys off to school/daycare, Mommy and Daddy went to work for a while and Miss Rael hung out at home. When Mommy came home she picked up Miss Rael and had her drive out to West Marion Hospital so Mommy could visit a church member. This was a great chance for Rael to drive on all the main roads in Ocala and she did awesome!!!!! Then after the visit was over, she drove Mommy to Michael's craft store, and through downtown to pickup Wesley from daycare and back to Daddy's church. We picked up Daddy and Parker from the office and headed out to an early dinner at Miss Rael's favorite restaurant - Cody's Roadhouse. We had a really good time and the people at the next table were helping to egg Wesley on in throwing the peanut shells on the floor. He had really good aim and distance!

When we got home, we went to unbuckle Wesley from his car seat and discovered that he had taken off his shoes and socks and then put his socks on his hands as mittens!

Daddy headed off to a meeting and the rest of the family hung out at home for a while. When Daddy got home we were finally able to take Miss Rael to Ocala Chocolate for some yummy dessert! Since it was Miss Rael's last night in town, after all the guys went to bed, the girls stayed up late for a movie. Rael's choice and we watched "UP!" It was very cute.

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