Friday, January 1, 2010

The Rest of 2009

Since Christmas things have kind of been low key around here. We had worship on Sunday and tried to unpack some more of the wonderful things we received for Christmas. Monday, we stayed in to watch Mommy's new movie, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, and then went out to run errands and grab an early dinner at Olive Garden. But late Monday night Mommy got very sick with one of those 24 hour bugs and was out of commission until Wednesday morning. But don't worry - all of the guys took very good care of her while she was sick! Daddy even made the boys french toast for dinner Tuesday night which they are still talking about!

Wednesday afternoon saw us taking Wesley back to the doctor for his second part of the flu shot. We realized just how much the little guy had grown up when we went to leave and they said see you next year - as in on his third birthday! We have officially graduated from the every few month club at the doctor's office. Which, for better or worse, means we no longer have a baby but a toddler on our hands.

Mommy ended up having to work a half day on Thursday and after that it was more errands on the town. We rung in the New Year while watching a movie and doing laundry! But today was our New Year's Celebration - Miss Leslie and Miss Rael came to visit us. Miss Leslie only spent part of the day before heading home but she left Miss Rael to hang out with us for the next several days! Here's the ladies hanging out with our boys this afternoon:

And Mr Wesley trying on Rael's flipflops!

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