Monday, January 4, 2010

Starting Off 2010

Happy New Year!!!!! We haven't disappeared. We've just expanded our family by a teenager this week and have much less time to blog all the stuff we've been up to! Friday evening after Miss Leslie went home, we had breakfast for dinner at home. And while the guys watched the Gator game in the living room, Mommy and Rael watched Confessions of a Shopaholic and played this very addictive card game called Blink!

Saturday we all slept in until 10am; what a rare treat from the little guys for us grownups! Then we left in the early afternoon for a trip to Orlando. We took the entire gang to see ICE at the Gaylord Palms hotel. This was something Mommy had been wanting to experience for the last several years but it never worked out until now. It was definitely cold, but so much fun to see all of the ice sculptures. Everyone went down the big ice slide once, and Mommy and Parker did the little slide also.

After ICE, we decided to introduce Rael to IKEA also! We had a great time running around in the store and we even ate dinner in the cafeteria there - which was free for the little guys - and it tasted great, especially the chocolate mousse cake. Mommy was finally able to get some new dishes and glassware and some drawer organizers for her kitchen.

Sunday was an early day for half of the family, as Mommy started her new 8:30am contemporary service. Both services seemed to go very well on Sunday. Miss Rael went to Daddy's church to hear him preach since she'd been to hear Mommy last time. We spent part of the afternoon at home and when Mommy needed to go back to church for a Trustee's meeting, she let Miss Rael get some driving time. She did so well on the straight shot down to Belleview that we came up with a nice roundabout way to get home and give her some more experience. We loaded up the whole family about dusk and took off for Silver Springs for the last night of their Festival of Lights. But alas, the park had been closed early because of our unusually cold weather. We ended up running an errand to Target and introducing Rael to stromboli at Pronto Pizza for dinner. After the boys went to bed, we watched a movie off our DVR - Made of Honor.

Today was some harsh reality though. Up early to get Parker off to school and the thermometer only read 27 degrees! After getting Wesley to daycare, the girls took Daddy to the eye doctor so he could get some contact lenses finally! He looks very good in them and seemed to do very well with tolerating them today. In talking to Daddy, the optometrist's assistant referred to Rael as "your daughter" and we kind of giggled and went with the flow. We headed down to the Villages later on to catch the new Sherlock Holmes movie and took Rael to Moe's for lunch. Afterwards we picked up Parker and chilled at home. He did his homework and then made chocolate covered Oreos with Miss Rael - in dark and white chocolate - yummy!

While the rest of the gang went to pick up Wesley, Mommy headed out for a new experience. She attended her first Boot Camp Chic session in Ocala's Walker Park. A solid hour of running and working out with weights, doing pushups, lunges, squats and other fun stuff! We had a lowkey dinner at home because we wanted to go to Ocala Chocolate for dessert. But when we got there, they were closed. And then we tried Ariel's ice cream and they were closed too. Perhaps most people don't look for ice cream when its 40 degrees outside? So we ended up at Applebees for dessert.

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