Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sunday in Seffner

Sunday morning we had the privilege of going to worship in the church we grew up in with both of our families - the First United Methodist Church of Seffner. It was pretty nice to be in the same building together as a family for worship, let alone get to be in the same pew and not have to be thinking ahead to the next part of the service we were responsible for! Mommy and Daddy actually got to sit in the same pew in between their own mothers for worship. The boys went up front with their cousins for Children's Moment with Pastor Ed. It was so nice to see our boys up front in the same altar area where we had been married and where both Parker and Wesley had been baptized as babies.

When we got home from church, Granddaddy took our picture in front of the tree all dressed up - these were the same outfits we had worn for Christmas Eve but we didn't get a chance for a picture that night.

Uncle Daniel and his crew joined us for a nice leisurely lunch and the grownups got to visit while the kids played with their toys. Eventually the cousins headed home - and Wesley could no longer fight off the Sandman - he ended up napping on Daddy's back for a while before being put in bed.

For dinner Grandmommy made chili and also chicken soup and Uncle Daniel's crew came back up to join us. Later the men watched football while the women took all the kids to McDonald's to play inside at the PlayPlace (and despite the cold weather we did get them all ice cream!).

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