Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sweet Rewards

Last night we took the boys out for dinner - Mr. Parker's choice because of his good report card. With all the choices in town he picked Cici's and we had a really great meal together. Then we headed over to the mall and walked around, even letting him and brother play on all the little kiddie rides.

Our last stop before leaving the mall was Gamestop. Parker had earned another game this week for his Gameboy Advance. But rather than give him one of the games that Rael had left us, we decided the report card was also worth an upgrade and we bought him a CARS racing game that he had his eye on!

While Parker was playing, Wesley crashed out on the couch. Notice the little scratches on his face? Apparently he hasn't yet learned the lesson that little girls don't fight fair. That's what happened when he ticked off one of his little female friends at daycare!

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