Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Library Card

Tonight after we picked Wesley up from daycare, we headed out to find the Ocala Branch fo the Marion County Library System. Boy were we surprised when we got there - it is really beautiful and it is huge!!!! Mommy and Daddy got new library cards and Mr. Parker was even able to get his first library card all on his own!

We took the boys into the children's area - which has its own special entrance off the main lobby and is bigger than the entire branch of the library back in Hudson. There was so much to look at and explore. While Daddy walked Parker around to find some books, Mommy sat on one of the big reading rugs with Wesley and looked at picture books. Parker had a very specific book in mind that he wanted to check out and so eventually we found our way over to one of the two children's librarians where Parker told her he wanted "Stone Soup." In addition to that one, Parker also checked out a book called "365 Penguins."

Parker really liked being official. He was anxious to come home and put his new library card in his Lightning McQueen wallet!

Wesley even got to check out a book too on Mommy's card. He picked this word book and while he blinked in the picture he was trying to point out the nifty dinosaur on the cover!

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