Saturday, March 27, 2010

Run Here, Run There, Run Everywhere

Today was a super busy day in the Allen household. It started for Mommy about 6:45am when she got up to run down to the church in Belleview and visit with the folks who were there to setup for the United Methodist Women's Bazaar.

When she arrived home Daddy had the boys up and eating breakfast. We all finished getting ready and were at the ballfield by 9:15am for individual and team pictures.

Parker's game was at 10am. They played the team sponsored by Express Care which had 16 kids on it - only 9 kids on Parker' team were there for the game. So we played our regular two innings of ball and they let Parker's team bat one more round. Parker got three hits today: on the third pitch of the first inning and then on the first pitch of the second and third innings. He played third base at one point and also in between second and third.

When the game was over, we swung past the library to return all our books. No time to stop and look for more but we'll get there again soon! Then it was on to change Parker's shoes at home and get the car washed by Daddy's Cub Scout Pack at church.

With a clean and shiny new car, we headed down to the Santos Recreation Area between Ocala and Belleview for DHUMC's annual church picnic. We enjoyed some good fellowship and some wonderful food - especially the four kinds of homemade ice cream!

The boys enjoyed a new game that they had never seen before - ladder golf!

There was also a playground and Charles took the boys over to play for a while. They were originally racing Parker's miniature monster trucks down the slide!

When we were plenty full and warm from being in the nice warm sunshine, we headed down to City Hall. The high school was putting on a chicken pileau dinner and we were going to pick up some to take home for supper. Unfortunately we were too late - but they did great selling almost 500 dinners! So we headed over the high school media center where the Chamber of Commerce was hosting a community expo. BUMC had a booth and we stopped by to check on the guys who were manning it for us!

After all the day's excitement, is it any wonder that Mommy and Wesley both fell asleep on the way home?

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