Wednesday, April 21, 2010

End of Season

Last Saturday was the final game of Parker's t-ball season. They were the last team to play, at 11am against the team sponsored by Ocala Heat and Air. Parker's team had nine kids and the other team had five, so they were able to work in three innings during the hour allotted for the game. It was really hot out there during the game, but the boys played well. Parker got in some good plays out on the field as well as a couple of good hits when up to bat. Don't miss the video below of his famous slide - he does this into every base, not just home!

Here's Wesley having fun running the bases on one of the other fields.

After the game was over, it was our turn for snacks - juiceboxes and Oreos went over big. And then the boys received their trophies for a well-played season.

Coach Marsh made plans for the entire team, along with parents and siblings, to go to Easy Street and meet up there at 1pm to celebrate. He had a private room with pizza and drinks setup for everyone and then every child (including siblings) was given 12 tokens to start out on the arcade floor as well as a wristband which allowed them to participate in all the outside attractions (go-karts, rock wall climbing, putt-putt and water wars) and the inside KidsZone tunnels. It was so much fun - we were there for three hours!!! Many thanks to Coach Marsh for a great season and a great way to celebrate.

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