Monday, April 19, 2010

A Happy Healthy Heart

Last week we had to take Wesley for a visit to a pediatric cardiologist. When he was sick at the beginning of March and we took him to the regular pediatrician, the doctor thought he heard a heart murmur. This was the first we had ever heard of this with either one of our boys. Dr. Okonkwo recommended that we make an appointment to see one of the pediatric cardiologists from Shands in Gainesville. And fortunately they come to Ocala once a month to do a clinic for patients here.

So we arrived on Wednesday about 1pm and Wesley had all of his vitals checked and a history taken. Then he had two EKGs. They put 11 different leads on his arms, legs and chest and hooked up the wires. He took everything in stride and the tech let Wesley help which made it easier. Then the tech printed out the results for the doctor. We waited a while before Dr. Ivsic came in and did a thorough examination of Wesley. Based on his exam and the EKGs he believes that Wesley has an innocent heart murmur. The way he explained it is that our technology is so great for listening to the heart that many people sound like they have a murmur. These are usually quite innocent, but at times can become more pronounced like when kids are sick and dehydrated - hence our pediatrician picking it up during a sick visit. So nothing for us to worry about which is quite a relief! Wesley was thrilled that he got out of the visit with no shots and four stickers!

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Anonymous said...

I am so very happy and thankful for you and for Wesley.
Aunt Jani