Thursday, April 15, 2010

Orlando Vacation - Friday

Friday was a nice lazy day. We spent it shopping at the outlet malls and then headed over to Florida Mall. Boy has that place changed in the eleven years since Daddy worked at the Best Buy across the street!!! We had lunch in a VERY crowded food court and wandered around before taking the boys into M&M World. There were 22 different colors of milk chocolate M&Ms in the tubes, as well as 22 colors of peanut M&Ms. You could mix and match and paid per pound and together the five of us left with 2.6 pounds of chocolate deliciousness. Plus the boys absolutely loved the chance to pose with the M&M car.

After we got back to the condo, we chilled out and went to Sweet Tomatoes later for dinner. Parker piled up a huge plate of salad and ate the entire thing! Then we spent the rest of the evening leisurely packing up and loading the car so we could leave in the morning.

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