Sunday, April 11, 2010

Orlando Vacation - Monday

Here's a few pictures of the condo where we were staying for Spring Break.

We slept in on Monday and when we got up and got moving, headed over to Festival Bay Mall where we played 18 holes of glow-in-the-dark putt-putt at "The Putting Edge.'' It was a lot of fun!

Then it was down I-Drive for lunch at Subway and a trip to Wonderworks, billed as a museum for your mind. Basically it was like a mini museum of science and industry. There were plenty of exhibits for the whole family to enjoy, like a simulated hurricane as well as a simulated earthquake. Below, Parker is at the Titanic display seeing how long he can keep his hand in the freezing water.

Daddy trying out a virtual reality video game.

Daddy pulling himself up on one of the pulley seats - the boys really enjoyed the rides they got as Mommy and Daddy pulled them up.

Virtual air hockey - Parker beat a bigger boy at this game twice in a row.

Mommy laying on the bed of nails.

Parker and Daddy tried their hands out at some major league pitching - Parker's fastest pitch was 26 mph and Daddy's was 48mph.

Parker playing the big piano and coloring at an art station.

The last big room in Wonderworks was dedicated to space. And the boys really enjoyed themselves!

Grandma came over and met us later at Fuddrucker's for dinner and then we went back to the condo so that Daddy could watch the big basketball game while the ladies took the little boys swimming in the condo pool.

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