Sunday, April 25, 2010

Top 10 Things

It's another Top 10 List today for the Allen family. This one is related to Wesley - his most recent, favorite things to do and say.

10. Watching Muppets - Daddy happened upon a site that has a bunch of videos from TV shows in the 70s-80s-90s called RetroJunk. He happened to show Wesley a clip of the Muppet Show theme song. Every night now he asks for "pup-tets" as he desperately wants to see them sing and dance. While it's playing he dances along and he always laughs hysterically when the last muppet blows the trumpet at the end.

9. He loves riding on a bus! - Next to Shamu the absolute highlight of Wesley's spring break was all the bus rides that we got to take while touring around the Kennedy Space Center. He still talks everyday about how he got to ride a "schoolbus!"

8. He loves SeaWorld! - He remains obsessed with Shamu! We have to look for Shamu on TV and in books. In fact Wesley got new new summer jammies this week. Since they didn't have Shamu he picked out sharks!!

7. He likes to pray - Even after Bubba prays at meals and for bed, Wesley will often insist on praying again. We say a couple of words and he repeats it back to us. There have been times around the dinner table where our food has been blessed three or four times compliments of Wesley.

6. Praying for baseball - He loves to pray at night for Bubba's baseball team to do well. We haven't quite convinced him that the season is over.

5. Helping around the house - If you need something from another room, or a light turned off or you mention that the cats need food, Wesley is off and running to accomplish the task. He also loves to help with laundry and the garbage.

4. He loves to clean - Related to the last one, he really likes to help clean. He likes to get a wet rag or the magic eraser and clean the walls, the bookcase shelves etc...smiling and singing to himself the whole time.

3. His favorite foods - While he will eat just about anything by far his favorite foods right now are cheese ravioli, applesauce, pizza, chicken nuggets and french fries.

2. Conversations are increasing - It is so much fun to talk to him! We get whole stories about cars and trains and animals. Tonight it was all about the thunder and lightning outside.

1. "I do it myself" still tops the list as his favorite phrase.

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