Sunday, April 18, 2010


Last week after getting home from vacation, we went on Monday night to check out the YMCA and see what it was like inside. We drive past it all the time - it's located next to the park where Parker plays t-ball every Saturday. We were able to get a tour of the facilities and were very impressed with what we saw. Parker and Wesley especially liked the kids area for childcare and the pool. Mommy and Daddy were excited about all of the classes that were offered at different times during the week and the discounts on swim lessons for the boys as well as for sports and summer camps for Parker. So we signed up. Since then we have been three times to exercise.

Mommy went to a cardio cycling (spinning) class on Tuesday night while the boys played in the Endzone and then Daddy met us after his meeting and we all went for a swim. Spinning is a lot harder than it looks - especially the parts where you ride standing up, but Mommy hung in there and pedaled the whole 45 minute class. Mommy went back on Thursday night to try Zumba while Daddy was in Bible study. Zumba is a combination of Latin dance moves and aerobic exercise and you don't stop moving for the entire 60 minute class. She was whipped. Then last Friday, Mommy and Daddy went back together on their day off to take a spin class together and then we went and worked out on the elliptical machines before heading out for lunch and a movie.

Saturday we popped by as a family during their Healthy Kids day to register Parker for summer camp during the week and also for summer basketball on Saturdays.

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