Friday, June 11, 2010

Annual Conference

After graduation on Wednesday, we headed home to load up the minivan and then we took our graduate to lunch. Our ritual for the last day of school (started with VPK) is to take Parker to Steak N Shake. He thinks it is a great special treat. After lunch we hopped on I-75 and headed down to Hudson. We took the boys' old art desk over to the DeLuca's house; members from Faith UMC who wanted it for their 2 year old great-grandson. Then we went to pick up Miss Rael. She had agreed to come with us for the rest of the week and hang out in our hotel room with the boys while Mommy and Daddy attended all the business sessions of Annual Conference in Lakeland. When we got to Lakeland that night, we checked in at the hotel, registered at the conference and then headed out to a Young Clergy Family Gathering at the home of a clergy couple here in Lakeland. Thursday morning started out with the Clergy Session in the morning and then Miss Rael and Mommy went to the Clergywomen Luncheon while the men headed out for burritos at Moe's. Following the afternoon session we all headed out for dinner at Olive Garden. Today while Mommy and Daddy were in sessions voting on the budget and listening to ways we can Eradicate Extreme Poverty in Florida (our conference theme), Miss Rael and the boys hung out at the hotel pool and had a blast! We managed to squeeze in Five Guys for lunch and CiCi's for dinner too. The conference runs through noon tomorrow and then we will be headed back to Hudson to drop off Rael before heading home to Ocala.

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