Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Parker's Graduation!

Parker's graduation from kindergarten was this morning at 8:30am in the South Ocala Elementary School cafeteria. There were five kindergarten classes, each with about seventeen kids. As the proud South Ocala Yellow Jackets they wore yellow robes with black caps and yellow tassels.

Here they are marching into the cafeteria.
All the kids stood on the risers up front. After being greeted by the principal, all the classes sang a song together and then class by class they went up on stage to sing one more song and receive their diplomas. To close each class presentation, a child from each class read a poem about school.

Here's Parker's class on stage singing their song "ABC Blues."
Here's Parker getting his diploma.

After all the classes had graduated, we watched a ten minute video of pictures of all the kids from throughout the year and then the kids sang two more songs before being dismissed. Here's our little graduate!!!!!

Mommy and Daddy and Wesley outside the cafeteria with our graduate!And Grandma drove up just for graduation today!

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