Saturday, June 5, 2010

Back Porch Take Two

Most of Tuesday evening was spent searching for just the right gazebo and patio furniture for the back porch. And while Mommy stayed home in bed all day Wednesday because she felt sick, when Daddy got home with the boys they spent the rest of Wednesday assembling the gazebo and table, and then rigging up the gazebo with rope lights and fans. Thursday evening we got to eat our dinner outside under the gazebo and it was wonderful. We were so looking forward to a wonderful summer of eating out there and sitting out at night to watch the boys play in the yard.

Cue in Friday afternoon. A big thunderstorm rolled through and when we returned home after running some errands we found the gazebo upside down on the roof of the house! Two of the poles for the roof of the gazebo were bent. So we decided to try something else. We disassembled it and returned it to Home Depot (after calling first to explain the situation). Then we drove all over town trying to find another gazebo....except they were either too big for our back porch slab or way too expensive. Finally Daddy had an idea for anchoring the poles of the old gazebo down, so we went back to Home Depot and picked up another one, along with four pots and a lot of rock. So this is our back porch gazebo, take two. We ate our "breakfast for dinner" meal out here this evening and it was great!

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