Monday, June 7, 2010

Super Sunday

Sunday morning started out with our second pulpit swap of the year. Because of the schedule we once again had the opportunity to worship together and serve communion together at Belleview's early service. And we had something else special - Daddy got to hear Parker's Joyful Noise Choir sing for the first time since we've been here. They sang several songs at both services.

The pulpit swap seemed to be well received again and Mommy and Daddy both enjoyed the opportunity to be with each other's congregation. In the afternoon we spent a little bit of time at home before going over to the Reid's house. Mommy had been invited to a Tastefully Simple party and the rest of the family had been invited over for a swim. The boys had a blast playing in the pool with the Reids' granddaughters and we ended up having a very lovely afternoon playing.

Parker jumped hundreds of times off the side of the pool!

They dragged some floats into the pool and hot tub and had some fun with goggles too!

After several hours of waterlogged fun we took some very tired, wrinkled, slow-moving boys home for bed. It was a pretty super Sunday for the Allens.

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