Friday, July 16, 2010

The Boys

So what have the boys been up to here lately? A lot actually!

Last week while Mommy was having surgery, both of the boys went on a field trip with camp and daycare. To the same place. At the same time. To see the same movie - Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. While of course they didn't get to sit together, they did get to see each other which they thought was so cool. But Wesley still doesn't do very well in the movie theater - when the lights go out our little guy goes to sleep!

But Wesley redeemed himself last Friday on another field trip with daycare. This time to some kind of working cattle ranch in Ocala. It was the horses that made the biggest impression on him though and he had a lot to say about them when he got home! He also had another movie trip this week to see All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 and had Water Day this morning. The brand new playgrounds are almost complete at daycare and I know all the kids and teachers will be so glad when the yellow tape comes down and they are finally allowed to play on them.

Parker also did swim lessons again last week at camp and is really enjoying being in the water. This week though he has a specialty sports camp for basketball. This camp is actually held inside the YMCA gym where he plays basketball and a couple of the regular YMCA camp staff who are involved with the basketball season are serving as counselors. So that was a relief to him to know some of the counselors and even some of the kids from his team and his regular camp are there too. He received the Hustle Award today on the last day of basketball camp for which he was incredibly proud (and we are too!) Next week he has another specialty camp at the YMCA for soccer, which he is very excited about. Lots of fun this summer for our guys!

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