Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Week Out

Today has been one week since Mommy's surgery. All things considered she is doing pretty well. She still, of course, has pain but is slowly weaning off the pain medication. She is still on antibiotics until Friday to prevent infection. Until she goes back to the doctor next Wednesday afternoon, she is not allowed to drive. But really that isn't that much of a sacrifice when you consider she can't sit up straight, bend, move very fast and that getting a shower makes her want to take a nap!
Wesley pretty much summed up Mommy's situation this morning. When he saw her walk into the kitchen to get a drink while all "the mans" were getting ready to leave the house, Wesley patted her on the leg and said, "Mommy you stay home." He followed that one up with "You go sit on the couch!"
We have been overwhelmed by the response of both congregations to our situation. Everyday the mail brings more and more cards, our email is full of well-wishes, and we have six flower arrangements/plants sitting around the house. Not to count all of the wonderful food that has been brought our way - in the last eight days we have received six meals and a host of yummy homemade desserts from the two churches. Needless to say we feel very loved and cared for in this time and we certainly thank everyone for their well-wishes and prayers.

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