Friday, July 2, 2010

Daycare and Camp

Daycare - Wesley is having fun at daycare this summer. Every Friday he has water day where they play on slip 'n slides and in the little kiddie pools in the yard. Plus this week is also VBS at daycare. Anytime you play music he can dance to and have a puppet show is a good day for Wesley!

Camp - Parker continues to do well and enjoy the YMCA camp. Usually a couple of times a week he earns respect beads from the counselors for doing such a good job at listening to them. Twice this week counselors have stopped us at drop-off to tell us what a good kid he is. And yesterday he had a blast because he got to go on a field trip to Silver Springs, riding the bus and everything. He got to ride some of the rides, get on the glass bottom boat for a tour, check out all of the cool animals and do the jeep trail ride. But the best part of his day was getting to buy candy with the spending money we sent with him!

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