Monday, August 16, 2010

Back To Reality

Vacation is over. We had to leave the paradise that is Siesta Key Beach last Saturday and the return to the real life after such a wonderful vacation is tough. Sunday morning Mommy and the boys headed to Belleview for Sunday school and worship. While Mommy didn't preach, she did the announcements and prayers during the service. It was so good to be back, but it was nice to go home and put her feet up afterwards too! Mommy will be working part-time the rest of August and hopes to be back up to full speed for September. Daddy hit the ground running with a worship service, counseling session and a service at the rehab center yesterday and a district meeting in Lady Lake today.

Today also marked some big milestones for the boys. Parker started his last full week of summer camp at the YMCA. He has swim lessons again this week and he tested into being a yellow band swimmer today - which means he qualifies for the shallow end of the big kid pool! Wesley also started at a new daycare center today: Carousel Early Learning Center. Wesley calls this the horsey school because of the carousel horses on their sign. They have a touch screen computer monitor in the lobby for sign-in and video monitoring where parents can check in on their kids via the Internet. He had a very good day and was excited about going back tomorrow. Incredibly this new center is two blocks from our house! So when school starts next week for Parker, Daddy will be walking both boys to school.

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