Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mommy's Six Week Checkup

Today Mommy went for her six week checkup following surgery. We were set for 9:40am in the morning but we had only been waiting about ten minutes when the nurse came out and said that the doctor had headed to the hospital to perform an emergency c-section. So Mommy was rescheduled until the afternoon at 2:20pm. She hung out in Daddy's office, worked on putting together a funeral service for one of her church members for Sunday, and later went out to lunch at Longhorn with the MODELS from Daddy's church. Then it was back to the doctor's office. Mommy received a clean bill of health - in fact the doctor said he wished he could show off what a good repair she has and how well she is healing! She is cleared for everything now and was delighted today to pickup Mr. Wesley and is thrilled about heading back to the YMCA next week for some exercise. Thanks again everyone for your prayers and your help during these difficult weeks.

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